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The typical life cycle of a domain name can be unpredictable and difficult process to follow. Here we've tried to simplify what generally happens with COM, NET and ORG names to make it easier to understand. This graphic gives you an idea of the steps involved and will help you understand what you need to do to acquire and protect domain names of value. Note that the times indicated are not always followed by all parties. For example, some names expire, but are not deleted from the registry for days or months afterward. Others are removed right away. This is one of the reasons it is so important to protect your name with an auto-renewal.
available Five days after the end of the redemption period the domain name will be deleted from the registry and will be made available for anyone to register. Search for a domain.
registration A domain name may be registered for up to a ten year period. Even upon renewal the domain name registration period can not extend past a ten year period. .uk domain names can only be registered for two years at a time.
1 - 10 yrs
Original registrant recieves renewal notices as expiration date approaches. Renew a domain that is about to expire, or set up a domain to auto renew.
29 days
No response from registrant. Registrar may send delete command to the registry at its discretion. Shortly after the domain name goes past its expiration date the domain name will be deactivated. All domain services including the web page and email will no longer work. The domain may be renewed during this period. Renew an expired domain.
up to 90 days
After the 29 day "Expired" period, the name may go to the redemption tab for up to 90 days. The domain may be renewed by it's original owner by paying a service fee plus the normal renewal fees. Renew a domain in redemption.
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